Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Point Of It All

Nothing (and I mean NOTHING) infuriates me more than a chick at the bar with her man and a beer who's sports illiterate. Seriously, lady, could you have watched Sports Center this morning to catch a clue? Nope, I get stuck with you (because I'm the only single female at the bar watching the game) spilling your Winter Ale all over my beloved Michigan State University sweatshirt.

Well enough is enough! I've had it up to here (my hand is up to my head folks)! I'm putting my foot down. I want to help you and millions of women like you who are just as clueless when it comes to games other than the mind ones you play with your boo.

I'm going to help you get inside of the mind of the man you love. I'm going to help you know why he's on the couch on Mondays, why he's yelling at the guys in the gold and purple jerseys (no, they are not members of Omega Psi Phi), why Saturdays in September, October and November are the worse date night, why he has ESPN text coming to his phone during Sunday morning service, and why he hates the Big 10 and loves the Big 12 (I promise you its nothing kinky). I'm also going help you with his stomach by giving you great food suggestions and ideas for game night (thanks to my greedy Youth Pastor).

I know I'm no Jimmie Johnson, but if you take this ride with me, I promise you wont see any checker flags from your significant other anytime soon. As a matter a fact, you just might get that championship ring you've been waiting on...

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